An illustration brand with paper goods and other various gifts created by designer Sarim Lee. 

Based in Seoul, Korea, the studio started in 2016. 

With simple yet perceptual design, we strive to tell stories about our ordinary life.


2010 - 2014

Associate degree in Graphic Design,

Kaywon university of art & design, Seoul, Korea


Dear my wedding dress @Seoul Museum (Group Show, May 2018)

Creative Expo Taiwan 'Talent 100' @Taipei Expo Park Expo Dome (April 2018)

Seoul illustration Fair W (Dec 2017) 

小話 ; a short story @Seoul Museum (Group Show, 8 Nov, 2017) 

Blind Poster @haenghwatang (Group Show, Oct, 2017) 

The Temperature of love @Seoul Museum (Group Show, 20 Apr, 2016) 

Monthly Drawing @Gallery cafe Lob (Feb, 2016) 

The beginning of a misunderstanding @Gallery cafe Miel (Group Show, Dec, 2013)